Odds and ends

I am feeling somewhat miserable with a sore throat and general achiness after returning back from D.C. I guess all of that traversing around in the rain throughout the week, plus a five hour bus ride, complete with a Lincoln Tunnel back-up, wasn’t what the doctor ordered.

I found out the bus passenger next to me  is a pastry chef for a living. Not only that, he is a freelance pastry chef. I asked whether he went to culinary school, and he said he did not. Apparently a freelance pastry chef works in restaurants that do not have full time pastry chefs. He said he specialized in flavors as opposed to sugar sculptures. He also said he is working on an organic ice cream cone for one of his clients right now, because there aren’t too many cones on the market. I started listing the cones I knew of–”let’s see, there’s sugar, there is that dipped waffle cone with sprinkles, there’s that safety cone”–and we both chortled knowingly at the safety cone’s silliness. “Like cardboard!” the chef said.

I have changed my sidebar a bit. I deleted a bunch of stuff and am trying to mainly link to websites that I actually read. Check out Dan Baum in particular. I also added a few more of my friends’ blogs to the roll and will possibly delete those that haven’t been updated in awhile. Please let me know if you have a blog you’d like me to add, especially yours.

Oh, and my siblings and I will be taking a trip out to the Pacific Northwest! We fly out in August and drive down from Seattle to San Francisco for a two week span. Please send me tips. We’re still working out lodging and rental car logistics.

As of this evening, I have seen a Tony Award-winning play. God of Carnage, starring Jeff Daniels, Hope Davis, James Gandolfini, and Marcia Gay Harden won the award. My mom took me to the play a few weeks ago, when she was in town for graduation. The acting was great. I especially liked James Gandolfini’s reluctantly civilized ruffian jokester character, but everyone was excellent.


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