Another R&B/Soul Song

Actually, this is more reggae, Sharon Forrester’s “Silly, Wasn’t I” (thanks again to Soul-Sides for turning me on to it). It is sweet and distraught at the same time. I have never gotten into reggae before, but I really like this.

Choice lyric:

I believed in you, That what you said was true /It didn`t occur to me it was a lie/Ha ha ha, silly wasn`t I

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New campy R&B song discovery

The song “Disrespect can Wreck” by the Escorts is one of those truly campy 1970′s R&B songs, and I would daresay a precursor to Fresh Prince and D.J. Jazzy Jeff’s “Parents Just Don’t Understand.” I came across it today thanks to Pandora.

Thanks to Susan Sontag’s monumental essay “Notes ‘On Camp,’” which is almost impossibly abstract in a “you had to be there to get why a Tiffany Lamp is camp” kind of way, and which I just read for a class, I see my appreciation of some of the more ridiculous R&B soul songs from the 1970′s as part of a love of a truly out there world of sequined costumes, psychedelic sets, and overtly silly lyrics. I don’t know what the Soul Train appearance for “Disrespect Can Wreck” looked like, but the lyrics are priceless. It has to do with taking out the trash when you live with your parents, among other things. Unfortunately, I can’t find the lyrics anywhere, but I’m still looking.

[To Come]

The next Escorts song I want to get into is in the Paranthetical Phrases sub-genre and it is called “Let’s Make Love (At Home Sometime).”


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