R&B/Soul Current favorites

Thanks to a professor’s recommendation, I have found the website Soul Sides, which has injected my R&B soul listening with some new excitement. Following are my current favorite discoveries.

“Maybe So, Maybe No” The New Holidays (Listen on YouTube)

Choice lyric: “Could it be that your love was meant for me? Maybe so, maybe no.”

“My Love is Your Love (Forever)” The Isley Brothers (Listen on YouTube)

Choice lyric: “I never thought that love would ever smile on me, but now I see/All the while, luck was saving a brighter smile just for me.”

“Please Stay” Marvin Gaye (Listen on YouTube)

Choice lyric: “I’ll just lie tossin’ and turnin’ All night long/Scared that if I closed my eyes/When I got ready to wake up, I might find you gone”

“Sexy Mama” The Moments (Listen on Imeem)

Choice lyric:

“This afternoon I know you’ll like me/By tonight you’re gonna love me.”

Other choice lyrics are R-rated for my blog (I’m trying to keep it family-friendly) but are incredbily hot.

Warning: A couple of these songs are not for the faint-of-sexiness. All are worth many repeated listens, at least if you’re me.


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